Off Loading with SBW

2015 LIANZA Children’s Book Awards longlist !


Hardcover, 100 pages, 236mm x 158mm
ISBN 978-0-473-27127-5
NZ $25 (plus GST)

Off Loading with Sonny Bill Williams is published by Reading Warrior. Reading Warrior creates     resources that help students learn about their own cultures, strengthen their literacy and          inspire them with stories of positive role models and achievers. Off Loading with Sonny Bill Williams is the incredible story of how a determined and humble young man became a           champion in three different sports . . . and one of the most sought after athletes in the world! Learn how Sonny did it and how you can achieve your dreams through hard work too.

‘If you don’t have goals, aspirations, dreams – you won’t push yourself to your limits. I try to do the best I can in whatever I’m pursuing. Whatever I’m doing, I’m doing it 100%.’ (Sonny Bill Williams)

 Letter from a school librarian:

Hi David, last week in the library, I had a difficult boy who could not settle into anything and was intent on disrupting everyone else – so I pulled out the Sonny Bill book and started to look at it with him – just chatting about it, how he went to a neighbouring school to ours, where he went to secondary school, any random thing really – but it completely turned the situation around and the boy became interested. I was listening to your interview with a group of boys and the same boy came in, he related all these facts and more about Sonny Bill to the group. He was so proud of his knowledge and all the other boys responded to him in such a positive way, you could see his whole body language change, it was wonderful. Not only that – now the whole class knows your name and they all want to read your books! My point is you hit the nail on the head when you spoke of giving hope, some of our children have difficult and complicated lives and your books are not only engaging these children but also providing me with a very useful tool in trying to connect with my students in the library and building on that relationship with them and I thank you for that.


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What people are saying

‘I think it is outstanding. You’ve captured the personality and humility of Sonny, whilst capturing the attention and getting across some great life lessons to the young readers – work hard, be a good team man, stay humble, be open to learning, do your homework, start at the bottom and be prepared to earn your way to the top. I love the language you use and the simplicity of the layout. I think you are on to a winner here, mate.’ Wayne Smith (All Black Assistant Coach)

‘My boys are lining up to read this book, asking each other to hurry up so they can have a turn!’ Nicola Bailey (Howick College)

‘Searching for a book for my son who doesn’t like reading – this is definitely his kind of book!’ Donna (Auckland mum)

‘Another fabulous addition to our school library’ Jenny Cunningham (East Tamaki School)

‘Well done David for making the longlist for the LIANZA Childrens Book Awards. Off Loading with SBW is an excellent book, well researched and popular with our  students.’  Annette McKintrick (Waimea Intermediate School)











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