“Thank you for your awesome resources! It has truly made my therapy sessions a lot easier with a young boy who is motivated by very little… until I found the Reading Warrior workbook! Now he looks forward to my sessions because we are completing sections of the book each time.”
Paige Holmes
Occupational Therapist. Children & Youth Services. Western Australia

“Thank you for all your great work. Our boys (and girls) – all ages and sizes! – thoroughly enjoy your books as do our Pasifika teachers.”
Laura Henderson. Tokoroa High School

“Last week in the library, I had a difficult boy who could not settle into anything and was intent on disrupting everyone else – so I pulled out the Sonny Bill book and started to look at it with him – just chatting about it, how he went to a neighbouring school to ours, where he went to secondary school, any random thing really – but it completely turned the situation around and the boy became interested. I was listening to your interview with a group of boys and the same boy came in, he related all these facts and more about Sonny Bill to the group. He was so proud of his knowledge and all the other boys responded to him in such a positive way, you could see his whole body language change, it was wonderful. Not only that – now the whole class knows your name and they all want to read your books! My point is you hit the nail on the head when you spoke of giving hope, some of our children have difficult and complicated lives and your books are not only engaging these children but also providing me with a very useful tool in trying to connect with my students in the library and building on that relationship with them and I thank you for that.”
Auckland secondary school librarian

“Honestly got teary as I read through this book. What you have created is nothing short of beautiful and amazing.”
Matilda Roebeck. Australian teacher and mum

“I really enjoyed reading your new book Samoan Heroes.  You have done an excellent job, very informative and interesting. After reading this book I am left with the challenge, that with diligence and hard work, I could one day be great.”
Annette McKitrick (RLIANZA) Librarian/Resource Manager. Waimea Intermediate School

“I can’ t wait for your next books.  My son loves them and it’s the only time I see him read for pleasure.  Our Te Awamutu boys read them in days! Thanks from a mum and teacher.”
Tracy Findlay. Deputy Principal Te Awamutu Primary

“David, I think you are a genius! I have three teenagers, two that read anything put in front of them. The third wouldn’t pick up a book until I put yours in front of him. At breakfast, the only thing we talked about was Steve Adams. This showed me that he not only enjoyed it, he comprehended it. You are solving a number of issues writing these high interest books for teenagers with reluctance to engage in literacy. Please keep writing and publishing your books. From an ecstatically happy mother.”
Marianne Black. Academy Book Company

“David Riley’s books are so popular with our year 7-10 boys who are reluctant readers.  I’d recommend them to any school library.”
Jackie Phillips. Mackenzie College & Community Library

“The books look really good – great production values. They have glossy hard covers with excellent images. I’m sure they’ll rocket off our shelves.”
Karen Leahy. Kelston Boys High School

“I thought I should really write and complain that your books are so good I have trouble getting them back from families and children who borrow them!  One of our families has lost the Samoan Heroes book. I was speaking to the Mum of the house and she explained it has been on a table and all the children’s friends and all the visitors that have come through the house have picked it up and loved it, (so much so that it has gone missing).”
Rosemary Paterson. St Therese School

“Your recent books are inspirational, thank you, David.”
Jude Grogan. Queen Margaret College

“I was recommended David’s books by a librarian, so I ordered a few copies and they are great inspirational books for young people – stories about sporting greats that our young people would relate to and can aspire to. Pictorial and in an easy to read format, I think they are perfect for school age kids.”
Victoria Hume. Book Category Manager. Paper Plus Palmerston North

“This is the first “real” book my son has ever read without having to be nagged to read! I am looking forward to reading it myself – but may have to wait until my partner also reads it since there are daily reviews from his son about the book.”
Melissa (an Auckland mum)

“This book is fabulous. It’s so high interest and relevant, and the layout is superb.   There is such a great cross section of heroes  from the arts, sport, medicine, law, business, politics etc.  I can see the children being absolutely riveted, especially those of Samoan ethnicity.  This book should be in every NZ school library.”
Jennifer Cunningham. East Tamaki School