I visit schools as part of Rosemary Tisdall’s Getting Kids into Books program. To book a Writer Visit please go to

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13 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Stuart Deerness

    Hi David,

    Just wanted to let you know I came across your book “We are the rock” at the university library the other day. When I saw it I had to stop and read it. It’s awesome bro!

    It’s so great that you are creating work like this, and the other works on your blog. I’m really pleased for you!

    Have a great summer break and enjoy the time with your fam,

    Stu Deerness

    1. David Riley Post author

      Hey Stu sorry I only just saw this comment now, wasn’t too good with how this worked for a little while. Thnaks for those comments bro! All the best for 2015 🙂

  2. David Riley Post author

    Hi Jude thank you for the encouragement! I’m hoping to include some about female sportspeople like Val Adams and Lydia Ko. Just depends on time 🙂 Thank you for the query.

  3. Liz Minogue

    Hi David. Is it possible to get your books on Adams, SBW & Marshall on approval for Gisborne Boys’ High School? Can you do a discounted price for class sets? Do these come with teacher resources?

    1. Reading Warrior Post author

      Hi Liz yes definitely I can do a discounted price for class sets. Sorry no teachers resources at the moment. What do you mean to get books on approval? Thanks Liz 🙂

      1. Reading Warrior Post author

        Hi Liz, I contacted WordPress and they tested the link and found that it’s working fine. Here’s what they suggested:

        Normally, if someone can’t confirm, they are in the “pending” area. But I don’t see her under that email ( ) or any other variations of liz m. My guess is she might have tried following while logged into a different account – this often happens – someone tries to confirm with a link for a different account than the one they are signed into. But it could also be related to her browser: Pretty hard to know for sure without working with her directly. Feel free to have her chat with us if she is having trouble, but she’d have to make a account first.

        Hope that helps Liz. Let me know if you are still having trouble. And if you want to order books for your students let me know at Thanks Liz have a great day.

  4. Reading Warrior Post author

    Sorry about that Liz and thanks for letting me know. I’ll contact WordPress to see if they can fix it. I’ll let you know when they have.


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