Book Review: Tangaroa’s Gift, by Mere Whaanga

Ive always loved this book. Beautiful writing and illustrations and a moving story for kids. Its awesome to see a new edition published šŸ™‚

Available in bookshops nationwide.

cv_tangaroas_giftScholastic has published a new edition of Ā bilingual classic Tangaroaā€™s Gift, by Mere Whaanga, whichĀ tells the story of a sad and lonely sea creature named Paua, who ended up with a gift that changed his life.

The book has the Māori and English text on facing pages so will be welcomed by those who are fluent in Māori as well as those who want to learn.

Paua was sad because he could not find a friend. There werenā€™t many like him and it was hard to find others because they all had to hide from the hungry fish. He so ached with loneliness that Tangaroa, the god of the sea, asks him what is wrong.

Paua tells how the fish and other sea creatures taunt him with their beauty and speed and laugh at his ugliness. Tangaroa decides Paua deserves something special, so he makesā€¦

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