Good things take time

Honoured and proud to present a workshop with these awesome Kiwi authors – Maria Gill, Cath Mayo and Raymond Huber – at Bucklands Beach Intermediate yesterday. It feels like I’m getting closer to my dream of being a fulltime writer! Doing some of the things that writers do, like hanging out with writers …


Visiting schools to encourage young people …



Signing books …


Never thought I would actually get to live the life of a writer. I dreamed about it since I was 13 when I discovered the books of Barry Crump. Now decades later I’m seeing a dream begin to emerge, slowly, day by day. Good things take time.


4 thoughts on “Good things take time

  1. Andreena Taogaga

    David would like to buy what your’ve published for Keneti’s next bday. Wheres the best place to get a collection of your books? Cheers Andreena


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