“Let all the colours ignite tonight”

Kia orana and happy Cook Island language week everyone. One of my favourite moments in the Super 15 Final on the weekend was the haka the Chiefs did after the game.


I love it when non-Maori show love and respect for Maori culture. That’s what we have to do more in Aotearoa. I believe our country is blessed when we do that.

And speaking of Cook Island week I love the brother Paora Apera – PDiggsss, the one Cook Islander in the NZ band Shapeshifter. Rest of the group are papa’a [pakeha] and what an awesome mix they make.


Lyrics from their song In Colour say

“If you could take the war and all its pain.
Grab all the negative, and do the same
Soak them all up and then rinse them away.
Let all the colours ignite tonight.”

Here’s a link to the inspirational song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C-Yx8VZvz1M

If you didn’t see PDigsss talking about his Cook Island heritage on Fresh, you can catch it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qSrQ5WFOOI

“Let all the colours ignite tonight” – that’s what I thought when I watched the Chiefs’ haka. That’s Aotearoa! Kia manuia!

One thought on ““Let all the colours ignite tonight”

  1. David Riley Post author

    Read this post listening to “In Colour” and you will fall in love with Aotearoa again 🙂


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