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Hi there!

This is the online home of Reading Warrior, the publishing house of award winning Kiwi writer and teacher, David Riley.

I write books and teaching materials for young people and educators.

  • to help young people with their literacy
  • to help them learn more about their cultures
  • to inspire them with stories of positive role models and achievers

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22 thoughts on “Reading Warrior

  1. Beverley Caulton

    Hello there David – have just been reading your amazing Biography and all about your books and what you have achieved in your life. I have thoroughly enjoyed and feel extremely proud of you and what you have done and where you are heading. What an amazing young man you are. I will continue to “keep an eye” on you – so keep up the good work – you have so much to offer and do such a lot for the young people in our society. (Of course you realise that behind every good man there is a good woman!)
    BEV C XX

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  3. Lyn Henderson

    Thanks again David for the time you spent with us last thursday. It was really appreciated and intend to get your other books for my library. There’s nothing like interest when you know the author.
    thanks again
    Lyn Henderson
    One Tree Point Primary School

    1. Reading Warrior Post author

      Hi Lyn, thank you for the comment and thank you too for hosting me. I really enjoyed the tour, visiting schools like yours reminded me of when I was little! It’s great when you can make relationships like this ay. Much love to you and all the children 🙂

  4. Mark Hoani Campbell

    Hey David, Great to catch up with you at the light party recently. Love what you’re doing! A light in our education/ literary world where too many kids fail. Awesoem to hear that its impacting families in a wider way too. Keep up the good work
    Mark Campbell

      1. Reading Warrior Post author

        It was osum to see you too Mark! Thank you for the encouragement and for what you’re doing too. It makes you feel stronger when you see other people in “the movement” ay bro.

  5. Reading Warrior Post author

    Thank you Val! I was nervous but it was great to have the opportunity to share thoughts. Have a great day Val and thank you for the encouragement 🙂

  6. Russy (Rosemarie) Graham

    David, Just heard your piece on Radio NZ and have just ordered your 3 sports books for my teenage boys for Xmas (David and Thomas age 11 and 12). I have been looking for a kiwi author writing about kiwi sports legends for teenagers and could only find Aussie or American books so thank you so much. Our boys will be delighted when they open their xmas stocking. Russy

    1. Reading Warrior Post author

      Hi Russy thank you! That’s exactly why I began writing, to tell stories about our Kiwi and Pacific achievers. Thank you for buying the books for your sons. Have a great Christmas Russy 🙂

    1. Reading Warrior Post author

      Hi Jim its so good to hear from you. I’m glad you commented because I wanted to thank you for the card you wrote earlier this year but didn’t know how to contact you. I appreciate all your words of encouragement and support Jim.

  7. Maycee Riley

    Hi David, it’s Maycee R from Farm Cove Intermediate. I have just been reading your Tongan + Samoan Heroes books and they are absolutely amazing!

    We really appreciate the time and effort you put into creating these books and the fact that you are doing it to help students improve in their reading and literacy is an awesome idea 🙂

    1. Reading Warrior Post author

      Thank you MayceeR! Your words are so kind and encouraging. I hope the books inspire you to great achievements in your life too 🙂

  8. Anusha Bali

    Dear David Riley,
    Hello, I am Anusha Bali one of Maycee’s friends from Farm Cove Intermediate. I have seen quite a few of your books and are looking forward to reading them soon!

    1. Reading Warrior Post author

      Hi Anusha. Thank you for sending this comment. I’m really glad that you’re Maycee’s friend because she says great things about you. I hope you find one of my books interesting 🙂


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